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American Bio Security was formed to find solutions to the growing number of pandemics. A few years back SARS, H1N1 were a major concern for public safety.. Since then we have been evolving our product line to include disinfecting booths to prevent the spread. Now, with Coronavirus our disinfection plays a very important role. It is essential for fighting COVID-19 and the reopening of many businesses. That is why, we focus on the development of specialized products for sanitation, disinfection and decontamination.

Controlling COVID-19

Our company offers products for the control of viral pathogens. Our goal is to ensure that public and private facilities, in our community, stop the spread of viral infections. 

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Our Concern For Public Health

American Bio Security

With the arrival of Covid-19, businesses had to close their doors. Now, after the lockdown, merchants can progressively return to work.

However, COVID-19 is still latent. That is why, we have created important disinfectant solutions. These are necessary for any business. We intent to protect workers and customers. And, one of our goal is avoiding the spread of the virus. 

American Bio Security is concerned about public health risks. Thus, we have decided to offer decontamination  solutions. We want helping business to reopen their doors. In that sense, we help businesses to continue developing their functions. At the same time, offering a safe place for everyone.

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