According to the World Health Organization, the coronavirus is a large family of viruses. It can cause disease in both animals and humans. In the case of humans, it causes respiratory infections. These can be mild, such as a cold, or severe, such as SARS. Currently, this virus causes the disease COVID-19.

Is Coronavirus Airborne?

The virus is transmitted through the droplets that an infected person generates when he or she coughs, sneezes, or breathes out. 

People can become infected by inhaling the virus if they are near a person with COVID-19. 

When will It End?

So far, it’s impossible to know when the coronavirus will end. In reality, scientist know little  about it; and,  it’s unpredictable. However, many pandemics have occurred over time. Experts notice that most of them last between 12 and 36 months.  Eventually, they will control it. One way to do this is with vaccines.  

How did COVID-19 Start?

This disease was first identified by an outbreak of respiratory diseases in the city of Wuhan, China. It was reported to WHO on December 31, 2019.  On March 11, 2020, WHO declared COVID-19 a global pandemic.

Since its detection, it has spread rapidly. And, it has left large numbers of deaths around the world. 

How long does Coronavirus Last?

The duration of symptoms will depend on the severity of the case. Mild ones tend to improve in 10 to 14 days. But, the most severe cases will take longer as they cause major respiratory complications. 

How can I do to protect myself?

It’s important to stay informed. To do this you can access the website of the WHO, CDC, UNICEF, and other public health authorities. In addition, take the necessary measures of hygiene and disinfection. Commercial establishments, for example, can install disinfection stations. You should not forget to wash your hands frequently.