Covid-19 Disinfection Booth



Covid-19 disinfection booth for Commercial and Residential Use

Disinfection Booth Details

  • Detects Temperature
  • Detects Face Mask Use
  • Automatic Misting System
  • Disinfects Clothing, Objects, Air, Hands and Shoes.
  • Self Cleans Unit from Mobile Device.
  • Mobile App Enabled


Product Specifications

Assembled Dimension: 39inches x 39 inches x 78 inches (1mx1mx2m)

Box Dimensions: 39 inches x 24 inches x  7inches ( 100cm length x 61cm wide x 20cm high)
Sterilization for: Humans
Use: Hospitals, offices, factories, hotels, supermarket, shopping center, offices
Permanent installation


Due to the current situation, every day we are exposed to COVID – 19 in different public and private spaces. The use of a sanitization booth is primarily intended to reduce person-to-person transmission of COVID – 19.

Our disinfection tunnel provides safety to your employees and clients. It comes with no-contact face recognition detection, body temperature measurement, face mask detection, hand and shoe disinfection. It is 100% automatic and controlled right from your mobile device. Additionally it self cleans for zero contact cleaning.


American Bio Security has developed decontamination products related to the COVID-19 virus. Our disinfection tunnels meet our clients’ needs.

The Sanitizing Booth is one of the best alternatives for the prevention of Coronavirus. With high technology, our station is able to detect early symptoms that can cause the spread of viruses. Keep your customers and workers safe and free of COVID-19

American Bio Security is hard at work across the country. We help commercial facilities such as office buildings, schools, retail stores, and healthcare.  Our booth protects clients and workers from the COVID-19 virus.

Product Description

Our stations control employee and customer traffic. The hygiene station is adaptable and ensures maximum hygiene. Our Covid-19 Disinfection Tunnel is made in USA. The safety and health of each of your workers and customers is in your hands. It is important for businesses to have decontamination systems.

The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION establishes regulations for the reopening businesses. It is necessary to follow the recommendations of the CDC to provide a safe space for everyone.

Additional Features

  • Detects temperature
  • Detects face mask use
  • Automatic Misting System
  • Disinfects Clothing, objects, air, hands and shoes.
  • Self Cleans Unit from mobile device.
  • Mobile App Enabled
  • Easy to Assemble.
  • Removable/ permanent application.
  • 100% satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • 60 day warranty.


  • Computer
  • Smartphone
  • Wifi Network


How does it Work?

Our Sanitizing Booth offers maximum decontamination. There is no need to touch a thing. Our systems quickly detects people with high temperature. It applies the disinfectant in a fine spray. It completely covers the person without producing the wet effect.

1. Enter the disinfection tunnel.
2. The motion sensor and camera will detect user and check for temperature and face mask.
3. If user passes the screening, the light will turn green and the disinfectant mist will activate.
4. If user fails the screening, a red light will turn on and an alarm will sound.
5. As user walks through user can clean shoes with the shoe disinfectant.
6. Finally once user exits the tunnel they can use the automated sanitizing gel dispenser.


This model is also known as:

Full body disinfection tunnel, Full body sanitization booth, Sanitizing booths, sanitizer spray booth



Setup Instructions

Sanitizing Booth for sale
Automated Disinfection booth
disinfectant booth-for sale online

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the sanitizing booth an effective measure?
A: Our sanitizing booth does offer maximum decontamination. There is no need to touch a thing. Our system quickly detects people with high temperatures. It applies the disinfectant in a fine spray. It completely covers the person without producing a wet effect.

Q: Are sanitizing booths safe?
A: Yes, booths are safe and effective. They act as a good preventative measure for every business. Essentially these booths spray a mist of sodium hypochlorite solution, a chlorine compound often used as a disinfectant or a bleaching agent, as you pass through them. This is what makes them a vital tool for every facility like retail stores, schools, and supermarkets.

Q: What chemicals do these booths use? Are these chemicals harmful?
A: There are different doses and mixtures depending on the company and the country. The most common are:

  • Benzalkonium Chloride(Quaternary Ammonium Cations)
  • Chlorine
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Silver Ions
  • Ozone

And yes. These chemicals could cause damage. When a chemical comes in contact with the skin oils it produces a chemical reaction that causes irritation of the skin and/or respiratory tract. This is why you should strictly follow the instructions of the disinfection tunnel.

Q: Should I only use sanitizing booths to keep everyone safe in my business?
A: The use of disinfection chambers is primarily intended to reduce person-to-person transmission of COVID–19. Our sanitizer spray booth does provide safety to your employees and clients. However, it is still important to note that these devices are not meant to be one hundred percent effective and are only supplementary to existing measures. We should still follow recommendations for adjusting public health in the context of COVID-19. 

Q: Is installing sanitizing booths difficult?
A: Once you order, you have nothing to worry about. The installation instructions are clear and understandable to anyone. But in case you want to save time, you can have someone install it for you. Moreover, it’s recommendable to use proper protection when installing. Remember that this is meant to provide security to your facility. 

Client Reviews

F. Sharon
F. Sharon
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I love your coronavirus disinfection products! Your tunnels are so useful in my store. My staff is safe now.
John Kelly
John Kelly
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Sanitation and disinfection tunnels have definitely helped me follow the CDC recommendations in my retail store. My staff and clients can rest assured they're safe thanks to you.
R. Fellington
R. Fellington
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I thought I'd have problems with the installation. But, turns out, it's not that difficult. Everything hasn't stopped working perfectly since the first day. I would definitely recommend American Bio Security to anyone who needs to keep their staff and costumers safe.
A. Rodriguez
A. Rodriguez
Read More
I never thought I'd find the perfect tunnel for my store. Thank you so much for making it easier for many.
C. Phoux
C. Phoux
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I questioned their efficiency before buying it. But I have to admit it's the best option there's out there.
B. Darias
B. Darias
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Nothing about your products to fight coronavirus could ever disappoint me. Thank you for keeping us safe!