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100% Automatic Disinfection Chamber


Businesses across the world are struggling to keep their businesses open during the pandemic. American Bio Security is working hard to provide business owners with a solutions to keep everyone safe and prevent the spread of Covid-19.

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The safety and health of each of your workers and customers’ health is in your hands. It is important for businesses to have decontamination systems. This is to keep everyone safe. Disease control and prevention are a must in today’s world. Sanitizer Spray Chambers have proven to be one of the best alternatives when it comes to business safety. The benefits are, of course, endless when it comes to a great safety measure. Our Disinfection Tunnel provides safety to your employees and clients. It comes with no-contact face recognition detection, body temperature measurement, face mask detection, hand, and shoe disinfection. It is 100% automatic and controlled right from your mobile device. Additionally, it self cleans for zero contact cleaning.

However, it is still important to note that a Disinfectant Tunnel is not meant to be 100% effective. It is only one essential supplementary to existing measures that you must follow. The WHO recommends washing hands regularly, wearing masks, and maintaining a physical distance. Moreover, in case you want more information, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the best source. 

Sanitizing Gate


Our walk through spray booth are available for all business. We can offer solutions to government offices, commercial and public spaces and more.


How Does It Work


1. Enter the sanitizer spray booth.
2. The motion sensor and camera will detect user and check for temperature and face mask.
3. If user passes the screening, the light will turn green and the disinfectant mist will activate.
4. If user fails the screening, a red light will turn on and an alarm will sound.
5. As user walks through user can clean shoes with the shoe disinfectant.
6. Finally once user exits the tunnel they can use the automated sanitizing gel dispenser.


All walk through sanitizing stations are 100% accessible and are built with all customers in mind.

Our high range camera and  thermal imaging technology is available which gauges temperature as person enters the chamber. 

All booths can be scaled and are suitable and safe for adults and children.


Our UV walk through sanitizer are scalable. Order just one or create a gateway of tunnels.  Connect all tunnels to online or mobile app and manage foot traffic and alerts from there. 



Q: Is the sanitizing chamber an effective measure?
A: Our chamber does offer maximum decontamination. There is no need to touch a thing. Our system quickly detects people with high temperatures. It applies the disinfectant in a fine spray. It completely covers the person without producing a wet effect.

Q: Are sanitizing booths safe?
A: Yes, sanitizing booths are safe and effective. They act as a good preventative measure for every business. Essentially these tunnels spray a mist of sodium hypochlorite solution, a chlorine compound often used as a disinfectant or a bleaching agent, as you pass through them. This is what makes them a vital tool for every facility like retail stores, schools, and supermarkets.

Q: What chemicals do these chambers use? Are these chemicals harmful?
A: There are different doses and mixtures depending on the company and the country. The most common are:

  • Benzalkonium Chloride(Quaternary Ammonium Cations)
  • Chlorine
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Silver Ions
  • Ozone

And yes. These chemicals could cause damage. When a chemical comes in contact with the skin oils it produces a chemical reaction that causes irritation of the skin and/or respiratory tract. This is why you should strictly follow the instructions.

Q: Should I only use sanitizing booths to keep everyone safe in my business?
A: The use of sanitizing booths is primarily intended to reduce person-to-person transmission of COVID–19. Our sanitizer spray  chamber does provide safety to your employees and clients. However, it is still important to note that sanitizer spray chambers are not meant to be used as a medical service. They are only supplementary to existing measures like washing hands, wearing masks, and maintaining a physical distance.

Q: Is installing disinfection tunnels difficult?
A: Once you order, you have nothing to worry about. The installation instructions are clear and understandable to anyone. But in case you want to save time, you can have someone install it for you. Moreover, it’s recommendable to use proper protection when installing. 


How safe is your business?

Facility cleaning & sanitizing is a requirement by all local and federal guidelines

Getting back to business during Coronavirus outbreak can be a headache.  Profits are down because businesses can not open at full capacity.   With this in mind, we developed products to make sure all businesses can have a safe reopening. We focus on offering a safe environment for employees and customers.  All our products follow the research from major organizations such as CDC, EPA, WHO


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